Peach Lake

Lake Peach Lake is located in the southwestern part of the island near the village of La Brea; its name can be translated from English as “bituminous lake”. Scientists believe that the cause of the lake was a break in the earth’s crust, which is the source of filling the lake with oil. To date, asphalt mining is underway on the lake; According to experts, bitumen reserves in the lake can last for 400 years or more. Every year, more than 200 thousand tourists come to see the unusual lake, and this is not surprising – the bituminous lake is very beautiful, especially after rain, when the oil film covering the surface plays with all the colors of the rainbow.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

The Caroni Game Reserve, home to over 150 different bird species, is located about 13 kilometers south of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Many birds of the reserve are listed in the Red Book. Of particular interest to tourists is the red ibis – the symbol of the island of Trinidad, which also appears on the coat of arms of the republic. There is no shortage of viewing platforms in the park from which you can admire beautiful landscapes, as well as study the habitats of various birds, so binoculars are very useful for amateur ornithologists. It should be remembered that in the reserve you can expect not only the beauty of flora and fauna, but also dangers – many parts of the park are covered with swamps, so when walking, you should be careful not to leave the hiking trails.

Asa Rait Nature Center

Another great place to get acquainted with the exotic flora and fauna of Trinidad is the Asa Wright Nature Center, located on the site of a former cocoa plantation. On the territory of the reserve, which is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also a research station, there are many fascinating hiking trails, which make sense to explore under the guidance of an experienced guide. The greatest interest among visitors is traditionally caused by the heliconia plant, which is called the “bird of paradise” due to its orange-coral flowers. And also guajaro – a night bird, whose body length reaches 55 centimeters.

Volcano Devil’s Warehouse

Fans of local folklore will undoubtedly be attracted by the Devil’s warehouse, or the Devil’s logging site, the most popular mud volcano in Trinidad. According to legend, the volcano got its name after the first eruption in 1852: superstitious locals believed that the devil himself rose from the ground to chop down trees. The volcano was visited by Prince Albert and Prince George, grandchildren of the famous British Queen Victoria. In 1993, the recreation and entertainment complex next to the volcano was officially opened to visitors.

Royal Park Savannah

If you want to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of nature, then you will love Savannah Royal Park in Port of Spain – one of the largest park areas on the island of Trinidad. This is a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Beautiful landscapes and landscapes, unusual tropical plants – all this will amaze the imagination and delight the eye of a city dweller who is used to the monotonous stone jungle of megacities.

Топ-5 природных достопримечательностей острова Тринидад

The territory of the park is traditionally divided into two parts – South and West. In the southern part there is an imposing tribune, which used to gather spectators of equestrian competitions, and now it is used by tourists, travelers and locals to watch various entertainment spectacles, such as carnival, theatrical performances or sports competitions. The western part of the park is famous for its historic Victorian buildings.